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Why Are We The Best?

At ABW Innovations, we strive to be the best in the industry. We understand that claiming to be "the best" is an overused and seldom true statement, so we put in the extra effort to ensure that our systems, equipment and commitment to customers are second to none. Our team of highly skilled professionals is dedicated to providing the most innovative solutions, and we are passionate about helping our customers achieve their goals.


The Best System
ABW Innovations is the future of wireless technology. We offer advanced wireless systems designed to do what we promise without exaggerating and making excuses. Our military-grade encryption ensures that our systems are second to none, with the highest power transmission systems, advanced control centers and a dedicated team. With ABW Innovations, you can be confident that your operations will be successful. Strongest Signals, Longest Battery Life & Best Notifications.  Be careful---don't fall for Wi-Fi or Blue-Tooth type systems--they won't do the job.  Try to match us!


We Know Your Equipment
Because we know how equipment in your operation performs, it allows us to select the proper sensor, layout and design.  No one knows your business like us.  We know restaurants, ice cream operations and other business equipment/systems.  Just tell us what your need is.  We can protect it.


A Real Response
Without a proper response or action when a signal is received, means your system is useless.  Receiving emails or text messages only is waste of your time & money. Do you sit up all night, waiting for a text or email?  Of course not.  Emails & Text's don't help when you are sleeping.  We call you.  We can turn things "on & off" if you want.  We have the system that can truly protect you.


Its Ready To Go
Our systems are designed to minimize setup time and maximize functionality. With ABW, we do all the work. When your order is placed, we will send you a short Data Sheet. This sheet allows you to tell us everything about your operation, and we program your entire system, making it ready for your installation. When you receive your package, you just have to plug in your Gateway, place the included batteries in your sensors, and your system is live! We even label every sensor with the name of your equipment--so you know where it goes!  Then, we schedule our 'one on one' Zoom training session, so you can see your operation live and be fully trained.
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